Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Chaos entangles me in a web of heat, people, and Spanish. My pack is heavy, I’m without any sense of direction, and I stick out like a gringo sore thumb. I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing or where I’m going.

I’m back baby!!!

Most people travel when they take a sabbatical. I, on the other hand, leave the long winding road from time to time to take a taste of the “real world”, to see what it’s like to work a vast majority of your time. Like most sabbaticals, their time is fleeting. Last I left this blog I was in Indonesia being doted upon by my family. Since then I spent 3 more months between Thailand and Malaysia volunteering at an animal refuge and sterilization clinic, couchsurfing with families, and celebrating the Thai New Year with the world’s largest water fight. To be fair, I could (and should) have written some catch up blogs about my final months in Asia. But I found myself preferring to enjoy my time and writing specific articles rather than working on my blog. And home provided me with zero inspiration for reflection.

And so here I sit, on my first day on my next big adventure, trying to play catch up with my past. So I won’t. Instead I’ll focus on the moment, and possibly how I’ve come across it.

Americans are the first to spout the benefits of freedom although they very rarely understand what it is to be truly free. Most people are tied down to mortgages, car payments, relationships, and the inevitable pile of stuff they simply cannot live without. They become stuck; caught in a hamster wheel only few truly yearn to be free of. And even fewer make the escape. Me? I never joined. I took one look and ran the other direction, even though it involved a huge cliff and a jump down a dark rabbit hole.

I don’t know how to describe myself other than someone who yearns to be free; always. To explore the world at my own pace and never feel forced into a life I wouldn’t create on my own. My only guide is the Universe and I trust it to give me wonderful experiences, as it usually does. I believe so strongly in the Universe that if I notice a few signs, I will take the first exit. I know when I’ve stayed my limit anywhere and I’m fully capable of bowing out at any time. The fact that I bought a plane ticket to Mexico without any plan or forethought isn’t a surprise, certainly not to me.

I’ve been backpacking many times. I have the gear, the knowledge, and the fearlessness which enables me to be ready to go literally at any moment. And so I did. In the matter of 24 hours I bought a plane ticket, quit my two jobs, and prepared myself for an adventure I hadn’t planned on in less than 2 weeks. And I couldn’t be more excited.

I am home here. Not Mexico (and certainly not Cancun). But on the open road guided by my intuition and curiosity. Meeting new people and trying new things. This is what makes me alive, this is what makes me me. I don’t expect people to want the same for themselves or to even understand it. But I will give you a window to my world so you can enjoy it from the safety of your own home, wherever that may be. But I do hope you find your own inspiration to create your own wealth of happiness in your world, whatever that may be. We are all free no matter the shackles that entangle us, there is always opportunity. You just need to listen and look for the signs that tell you what to do. The Universe is always there, but it’s up to you live your life.

So what is the plan then you ask? I’m planning on no plans currently. I’ll explore the southern bit of Mexico for a couple of months; relaxing on the beaches drinking margaritas and exploring beautiful Mayan ruins. Eventually I will head towards Belize, Guatemala, and the rest of Central America in no particular order. I will hopefully get some Spanish school in, volunteer somewhere, and ride a moto recklessly without a helmet or license. I will enjoy everyday, take every chance and explore every opportunity. I will be happy going wherever the signs may point and following the long, winding, and unpredictable road I’ve come to adore. And I will share all of it with you. Thank you for reading, joining me on my journey, and for being apart of my life. I appreciate you all. <3